Event Technology and Business Cards: A Complex Relationship

With today's modernisation in technology, it is sometims hard to believe that business cards are still being used. However, besides being old school, they are very valuable. 


Why Business Cards Won't Go Away

The card contains the most up-to-date information on a person and it providse much more than just that: The styl, texture, font, paper thickness - all of these factors work together to create an impression.


Why the Fishbowl Should Go Away

Outstanding data for outstanding events

Are you struggling with capturing insights and real-time data? More and more meeting planners are asked to analyse the ROI of their events, but are struggling to find the right tech to assist. Conference Compass has crated an analytics platform that allows to evaluate your impact and measures your event's success.

The event app gathers data of how many users have installed the app and when they did so. You will receive a quick overview of the overeall performance of the event.

How to employ emotional intelligence for meeting design

Meetings used to conjure up images of men in management in the city in board rooms, or glass walled offices, pawing over statistics and paperwork. Don’t get me wrong these meetings still exist, but thankfully this stereotype is gradually being broken down, with more women in senior positions and organisations understanding that for meetings to be effective, more voices throughout the company need to be heard.

FRESH Awards

Nominate your Meeting Design heroes!
The FRESH Conference wants to recognise the tools and people that contribute to designing more effective meetings. Do you have a Meeting Design Champion? Are you using a tool that brings great value to meetings? Nominate them to the FRESH Awards!


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