Musical Ages: How Our Taste in Music Changes Over a Lifetime

The explosion in music consumption over the last century has made 'what you listen to' an important personality construct as well as the root of many social and cultural tribes -- and, for many people, their self-perception is closely associated with musical preference. We would perhaps be reluctant to admit that our taste in music alters -- softens even -- as we get older.

EIBTM13 Barcelona: ALL the MSI Education and Networking activities

This page shows you ALL the FRESH educational sessions, the FRESH dinner and other things the MSI is doing during EIBTM 2013. Find our stand and our 'HQ hotel'.
Meeting Support Institute has developed a full education and networking program for EIBTM Trade Show in Barcelona: FRESH Dinner, FRESH Track, Video Corner,... Do not miss it!

(ScienceDaily) Popcorn at the Movies: Oral Interference Sabotages Advertising Effects

Oct. 11, 2013 — Advertising uses repetition to increase consumers' preference for brands. Initially, novel brands gain in popularity due to repetition, which increases the likelihood that consumers later buy the brands. Particularly for novel brands, excessive exposure and repetition is necessary to establish the brand name in the first place. Remember your initial irritation upon encountering the names YAHOO, GOOGLE and WIKIPEDIA for the first time; now they are imprinted in your brain.

Vistacom leader in Audience Response Systems new MSI Member

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Vistacom Information Systems, Inc. has been a leader in the ARS (audience response systems) industry for over 15 years. We work with companies worldwide, providing audience response solutions that enhance learning, attain higher information retention, and promote active meeting participation.

(Science Daily) Video Captions Improve Comprehension

A simple change -- switching on captions -- can make a big difference when students watch educational videos, an SF State professor has discovered.

Robert Keith Collins, an assistant professor of American Indian studies, found that students' test scores and comprehension improved dramatically when captions were used while watching videos. The tool is often utilized for students with learning disabilities, but Collins says his results show captions can be beneficial to all students.

Weak Ties Make Stronger Conferences

Why are weak ties more helpful?

Because typically our strong ties (close friends and family) are living and working in the same spaces, and exposed to the same information and opportunities. It’s when we meet new people or get reacquainted with someone that we haven’t seen in a while that we hear new options and perspectives. It’s when we step out of the familiar into the unfamiliar that’s where we find new opportunities.


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