Meeting Design Campfire Programme at IMEX Frankfurt 2017

Tuesday, 16 May, 2017 - 11:00 to Thursday, 18 May, 2017 - 12:30
Frankfurt, Germany
Heading to IMEX Frankfurt and looking for inspiring education on meeting design?
Join the Meeting Design Campfire sessions, it's free and no pre-registration is required.
Meeting Design Campfire is located at the Meeting Design Hub - Stand C660. You will get a chance to participate in the engaging education sessions but also discover new tools for meeting design.
See the detailed schedule below and save these sessions in your diary!

Tuesday, May 16

11:00 – 11:30
Mobilise your event community 356 days a year

Mobile apps are powerful communication tools but can be much more. Your event app can serve as a year-round platform that activates and engages your users. Pick up tips to help you build a mobile community, share more knowledge and improve your event through focused analytics. 
Learning Outcome:
  • How to build and grow a mobile event community.
  • How to constantly engage your audience 365 days a year.
  • How to gather valuable statistics and turn them into insights to improve your next event.
Jelmer van Ast, Conference Compass
12:00 – 12:30
5 Ways Technology Can Improve the Attendee Experience in Real-Time
When used correctly, technology can help to provide your attendees with engaged, authentic and personalised event experiences. Learn how to use technology to better understand your audience, provide maximum engagement and improve event success rates.
Learning Outcome:
  • What technology to use to enhance the attendee experience.
  • Real-time insights that you can gain during your event to improve outcomes.
  • How to use your event data for future events.
Nicola Rossetti, Etouches
14:00 - 14:30

Multi-Hub meetings - an emerging meeting format

Meeting Design Institute organised the FRESH conference in five cities. Jumping from an existing single venue conference to five cities is not without risk. Maarten, organiser of FRESH, shares learning on participant engagement, the planning process and how to make this format work.

Learning outcome:

  • Seven interesting statistics on what planners share about multi-hub meetings.
  • Seven key reasons to do a multi-hub meeting.
  • Seven main objections and fears around multi-hub meetings.
Maarten Vanneste, Meeting Design Institue
15:00 - 15:30

Co-Creating your conference's mobile experience

Conferences have always been an opportunity for people with a common interest to gather and learn not just from speakers but also from each other. Discuss how a mobile event app can successfully stimulate interactions between participants, speakers, organisation and sponsors.

Learning outcome: 

  • Best-practice examples of participant digital interaction.
  • How to stimulate participants to participate digitally.
  • How to keep control of the app information flow.
Miguel Carneiro, Shake it
16:00 - 16:30 

Self-guided engagement

Choice is a central part of life. The ability to choose freely from among many alternatives is central to one’s identity and daily life. And it’s this control that heightens engagement. Learn how to integrate greater choice within the event space.

Learning outcome:

  • Understand the power of choice and its impact on overall engagement.
  • Explore self-guided engagement and how we work this into our events.
  • Identify techniques to integrate more choice within events.
Ben Moorsom, Debut Group


Wednesday, May 17

11:00 – 11:30
10 Tips for making a great first impression with onsite technology
When visitors have to wait in line for an hour, their registration or badge cannot be found, or their name is misspelled, you're in trouble. Discover 10 reasons why switching to integrated on-site tech can help you deliver the best first impression
Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn about key elements to create an on-site technology experience.
  • 10 reasons why you should switch to live badging.
  • Three pitfalls to consider before making a switch.

Danny Stevens, Fielddrive


12:00 – 12:30
7 ways to become better in Meeting Design
Meeting design has become a major part of meeting professionals' work. It is increasingly relevant to know more about meeting design, the available formats, tools, experts, and suppliers. Get an overview of the training currently available and the resources to plan your future.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Get an overview of meeting design and available training.
  • Understand better when online works and when residential training is better.
  • Get a catalogue and a set of resources for education in meeting design related topics.

Maarten Vanneste, Meeting Design Institute

14:00 – 14:30

5 tips for creating efficiency with content management solutions

Discuss how the right content management solutions for events make a difference in organisational efficiency and amplify the reach and longevity of content. Focus on digital solutions combined with educational strategy. Explore what does and doesn't work.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Gain a new perspective on how education and engagement strategies can be supported with technology.
  • Hear new ideas for using digital content to market events.
  • Learn strategies for overcoming content-related pain points.
Richard Rettenbacher, CTI meeting technology
15:00 - 15:30 

Presentation Strategies, Key Insights For Advancing Audience Engagement

Three strategies for building presentations: the presentation triangle, form and function and a framework for focus. Explore these and pick up practical tips to be able to implement and use these three strategies to help your presenters shine.

Learning outcome:

  • Use the presentation triangle to identify the right content, style and approach.
  • Learn how to structure presentations.
  • Establish a framework for consistency and focus.
Jeff Bateman, Audience
16:00 - 16:30

Designing Innovative Events

Why do participants attend an event? How can we design an event that meets their expectations? is a new scientifically tested method to easily design innovative events. These newly developed event cards inspires organisers to create meetings that rock - in less than an hour.

Learning outcome:

  • Learn the nine main expectations why people attend a meeting.
  • Pick up recommendations on how to create new event designs.
  • Learn how to co-create your next event.
Lukas Zenk, Designing Events

Thursday, May 18

11:00 – 11:30

Using gaming to achieve your event objectives

Learn how three very different events used gaming to drive behaviour, facilitate learning and achieve a phenomenal level of attendee networking. Learn how to set up and manage a game on site and how gaming can work for different event types.
Learning Outcome:
  • Understand three different event outcomes you can achieve through gaming.
  • Learn how gaming can work for different event types.
  • How best to design your game.

Austin Schaefer, EventMobi

12:00 - 12:30

The mysteries of risk and event insurance made simple

How to insure against worst case scenarios? Acquire an understanding of the contractual issues through illustrations of real life claims, and an overview of what's covered under a standard event policy. Understand how to minimise risk.

Learning outcome:

  • Understand why you should insure.
  • Understand when you should insure.
  • Understand what you should insure against and for how much.
Terry Waller, ARC international


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