How to monetize your event app in 2019

Event apps aren’t a new technology – in fact, they’ve become a staple at most events. Another thing that isn’t new to the space is the idea of monetizing your app by selling ad space to sponsors and exhibitors. We have all read the articles around 10 ways to monetize your event apps. Yet, most methods are tired and overused. It is time to modernize the way that we generate sponsorship revenue in our app to be more impactful and compelling for our sponsors, and more valuable for our attendees. Read below to find out about five ways to monetize your event app in 2019, a blogpost brought to you by Doubledutch


1.) Splash Screen Logos are out, Custom Landing Pages are in

This doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of the logos on your splash screen, there is just a more impactful way to highlight key sponsors and exhibitors. Instead of showing sponsors logos on an app splash screen, which flashes rather quickly, opt for a dynamic home page with information about the day. Utilizing custom landing pages provides better exposure for sponsors than a quick flash of logos on a splash screen.


2.) In-app banner ads are dead

Banner ads aren’t used in modern apps for a reason, they’ve proven to be ineffective and they distract from your brand. So, how are leading apps advertising today? We have seen promoted (or sponsored) posts natively integrated with the feed of attendee-generated content. These types of posts more effectively promote brands, products, or offers without disrupting the user experience and without making your app look like a website from the early 2000s.


3.) In-app offers are the hottest new way to monetize

Another way for generating revenue are exclusive promotions from your sponsors and exhibitors. Think “Groupon” for event apps. Each offer has an image and title with an expandable portion for attendees to read more about the offering. By clicking the ‘I’m interested’ button, your attendees are essentially raising their digital hand so that your sponsors and exhibitors are able to follow up with those attendees in real time and receive leads.


4.) Use gamification to create more effective sponsored app sections

In order for sponsors and exhibitors to make face-to-face connections, why not involve your attendees in some friendly competition? Gamification is a way to drive traffic to sponsors’ and exhibitors’ booths. Incentivize attendees to visit key sponsor booths by setting up a scavenger hunt with clues or a passport programme, where they get to earn digital stamps for visiting booths on the list.


5.) Don’t forget the Data!

Sponsors want to see proof that their presence at your events was worthwhile. Everything your attendees do in the app is a data signal that should be tracked. You can use this data to demonstrate to prospective sponsors the engagement and exposure their brand will receive.


Moral of the story – don’t get stuck in the past

Think about the most engaging apps on the market today: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These addictive apps are centered around engagement. Every time you open them, you’re landing on a dynamic home screen where there is always something new to look at, they pull you back in over and over again into the conversation.

In order for your strategies to be effective, you first need to make sure you’re using an app centered around adoption and engagement.


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