Brand Ambassadors vs product specialists: which one is right for your promotional event?

Product specialists have expert knowledge, experience and insight to be able to answer the majority of sales, tech and other questions on the fly.

Brand ambassadors, on the other hand are are masters of people skills and personality, being able to cater messaging and information to their target audience. In order to deliver the message of your brand in an authentic way, they base information on real day-to-day experience.


Brand ambassadors may not have the technical knowledge as a product specialist, but they can start conversations easily and pass the right message on. Use a combination of brand ambassadors to draw crowds in and have product specialists waiting to provide the finer details.


So which is the right for you? First you have to ask yourself: What is the event goal?

Here are some goals to consider when deciding on event staff: Increasing brand awareness, influence deeper consumer involvement, increase product knowledge and understanding, increase sales, launch products


Depending on your event goals, you will require either a brand ambassador, who can raise brand awareness and deeper involvement or a product specialist, who has in-depth knowledge and can answer technical questions, discuss historic brand news and provide details.


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